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Cooperative learning is a new learning curriculum that involves students learning to work together in different ways to help information acquisition and retention. In this new method of child education students learn to work together in order to succeed. In cooperative learning groups are made and each group member is assigned certain roles within the group. Cooperative learning can be a better method of child education because it encourages students to work together rather than compete against one another. Cooperative learning also presents a more social aspect to learning and a social environment can help encourage a child's education.

There are many cooperative learning programs online which would allow your child to learn in an online environment with different students. Online cooperative learning is a great method of child education because it provides students flexibility and students can get to know students from different backgrounds and cultures. An online cooperative learning child education can help you increase child safety. If your child is involved in an online child education program you can monitor them throughout the day and if you can monitor what your child is doing when they are on the computer. Cooperative education can also increase child safety by taking out competitiveness in education which can help remove animosity between students.

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Cooperative Learning
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