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Cooperative Learning

Cultural Diversity

Classrooms are becoming more diverse every year. Many school districts and universities pride themselves on providing a strong education in a diverse environment. One of the best ways to provide that strong education is focusing on cooperative learning in culturally diverse classrooms. Cooperative learning encourages children to learn how to work together in many different situations and contexts.

Cooperative learning is a fantastic tool for any classroom, including culturally diverse classrooms. Cooperative learning creates a sort of give-and-take between students, and puts students in both a teacher role and a student role. One of the best ways to internalize new knowledge and learn how to make the knowledge applicable is through cooperative learning and teaching the concept yourself. Cooperative learning in a culturally diverse classroom has the added benefit of teaching students about other cultures, behavior, beliefs, and so on. This is desirable, because each student has something new to offer a classroom environment. It also fosters tolerance and acceptance in the community, which can only improve everybody's life.

You can seek out schools that encourage cooperative learning in culturally diverse classrooms. Many schools will gladly tell you about their levels of diversity, and schools will hire teachers who reflect their general mission statement and philosophy. You can also encourage cooperative learning in culturally diverse classrooms by volunteering in your child's classroom, having conferences with the teacher, and getting in contact with the other parents in the class.

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Cooperative Learning
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