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Pool Supplies

Pool supplies run the gambit of items both necessary and luxury. The main focus for any pool owner should be health and safety. Heaters, solar pool covers, chemicals, and pumps are all very necessary for maintaining a healthy pool and keeping your swimmers safe from harm and injury.

Chemicals and pumps work together to keep the water circulating in the pool and keep it clean and free of harmful bacteria. Pumps also directly work with filters to keep the water healthy.

Pool heaters keep your pool water a standard temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Solar pool covers work to keep the generated heat in the water, as well as soaking up the sun’s rays and generating a little heat of their own – about 15 degrees worth.

Covers are also a solid safety measure. Covers prevent small children and animals from accidently falling in to the pool while no one is watching. Pool alarms also function to prevent tragic accidents from happening. The alarm alerts a pool owner to someone being in the pool while no one was watching.

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